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ALEGRIA Small Stud Hoop with One Murano Glass Bead (Gold)

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$ 70.00

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Small stud earrings in 24 k gold-plated matte metal. It has button at the top in light blue handcrafted Murano glass and an open ring at the bottom. Butterfly nut closure.

  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Color, cooper, golden
  • Dimensions: 2.10 x 0.80 cm

Joidart jewelry is designed by women artisans in Barcelona, Spain and produced locally by Joidart artisan goldsmiths utilizing conscientious production methods with care for the artisans and the environment. Always sensitive to the present and responsible for the future.

Joidart's new creations for this year project the vitality of the artists who created them. They give off a Mediterranean vibe.

Inspired by the force that comes from the sea, the creators of these pieces - women of local yet far-reaching talent - have created contemporary designs that eschew the ephemeral, and impart enduring beauty. The collaborations are an intense and stimulating process combining jewelers and visual artists from different disciplines: Cristina Julià, Carme Fàbregas, Valentina Kalaydjian, Sara Domènech, Olivia Barthe and Clara Niubò.

The result of all this work are collections full of expressiveness. Jewels of honest and minimalist spriti, based on energetic forms of free, natural strokes, orbiting abstract figures. Memorable for their simplicity. With hand-polished contours that make uniqueness their mantra. There are gestural earrings, rings of irregular geometry, and serpentine bracelets and necklaces; essential basics and sophisticated pieces. In sterling silver and 24 K gold plated brass, murano glass, and touches of color painted one by one.