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Quail Eggs

$ 41.00
Type: Purple With Eggs

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These little quail eggs comes with a pendant bail and an ornament hook, packaged in a gift box with descriptive insert.

Inside the space provided by real eggshells, artist J. Brooke Patterson creates dioramas and constructions, using a variety of materials and methods. Painting media include oils, acrylic, watercolor, and ink.  The miniature sculptural figures are mostly made using clays and resins, and these are subsequently altered in some way, with painting or embellishment, for example, to create the appropriate form and texture.  Papers and fabrics are used, as well as wood and metal.  She also includes natural and found materials, and in my hunt for something with just the right texture, shape, or color, I will find use for such things as dryer lint or spice seeds. My garden is also a very rich resource, where I can gather dried up bits of twig and brush and transform them.  The eggshells are strengthened using a variety of techniques, depending on design, and all scenes are enclosed behind custom-cut glass.

These pieces are made using real quail eggs, which come fresh from the local grocery.  (Quail eggs are popular in Asian and French cuisines.) The outside of the shells are left in their wonderfully speckled natural selves. They are filled with clear resin, so they are solid and no longer fragile.