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Type: Prickly Purple Heart Jam

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Prickly Purple Hearts Jam

We see the Central Coast bursting with these Native American cherubs waiting for us to create another DR product. Dry farmed and plentiful these bebes have a bit of tannins that beg (I mean plead) to be paired with the stinkiest of cheeses and driest of wines..come join this Prickly Pear on a journey you will for sure savor..

Ingredients:  Otuna Fruit (Cactus Pear), cane sugar, apple juice, lemon, pectin, cardamom, bergamot, vanilla, sea salt.

Hot Cobb Jelly

In the tradition of the Victory garden where nothing went to waste this drought tolerant heirloom corn jelly with a nice hit of heat will tie together any snack ,meal or nibble. Earthy sweetness from small local farms here on the Central Coast.

Ingredients:  Heirloom Corn non GMO*, white grape juice*, cane sugar, pectin, tumeric, Madras Curry, bay, chili, Big Sur Sel (Sea Salt)

Pisco Pear Butter

In homage to my Grammy Emma Mae and my Peruvian brother in law Nello the Clash of cultures come together in one jar. French butter pears cooked for hours with fresh nutmeg, black pepper, candied ginger and vanilla until it is a thick reduced expression of everything a pear ever wanted to be..then a good dose of Pisco the grappa of Peru to end this process with a fresh bright bite. INGREDIENTS: French butter pears, brown sugar, Peruvian Pisco (Grappa), Meyer lemon, candied ginger, nutmeg, black pepper, vanilla, seasalt

Pinot Cherries

The medley of dried Montmorency cherries, black pepper, citrus and Pinot Noir makes for the quintessential pairing . There is not a meat, cheese or cocktail that this baby can't uplift. Je ne sais quoi quality to keep the culinary imagination on point.  Ingredients:  dried Montmorency cherries, Local pinot noir/burgundy, orange juice, brown sugar, vanilla, black pepper, sea salt.

Salted Watermelon Jelly

A true jar of summer. Sitting on the back porch as a child with a creek chilled slab of h20 melon and a shaker of salt at Grammys ranch is the inspiration to this shimmering pink jar that has the brightness of a summer day and just a hint of sea salt to bring us all on a journey of days past. True heirloom watermelons add a great diversity when pairs with well aged cheddar gouda and parm. Ingredients: Pasteurized watermelon,White grape juice, cane sugar, pectin, vanilla, Big Sur Sel (Sea Salt),ascorbic acid

Rosie's Hip Jelly

She is one hip girl. All the Vit C one could want from mothers nature's ceptors that arrive after the rose has faded. Joining the party a blend of Roobios tea annis orange peel and cinnamon is a delicate nod to the past.  INGREDIENTS: white grape juice*, cane sugar, pectin, rose hips*, rooibos tea*, cinnamon, star anise, orange peel

Smokin' Padron Jam

The long days of late summer with the wafting of aromas of a wood smoke and roasting peppers brings this jam to a new place on the pantry shelf. Lazy afternoons with meats just from the grill and a dollop of summer so the feeling will never end.  Ingredients:  smoked padron peppers, orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, cane sugar, pectin, smoked paprika, chili, sea salt

Padron Peppers sourced locally from The Homeless Garden Project.