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Oso Rojo Hot Sauce | Assorted Flavors

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Type: Jalapeno Garlic

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Oso Rojo Hot Sauce's main goal when creating hot sauces is to accomplish Flavor before Spice. Based in Denver, each sauce has a different flavor profile so you can mix and match with your favorite meals all day long! Cameron Ayers, the creator and sauce boss has a background as a chef and decided to start his own hot sauce company to help spread the spice and love of hot sauces! We have five different hot sauces that are all very unique from each other. They are all natural with no artificial thickeners or preservatives and are vegan and gluten free! We make all our sauces from scratch with fresh ingredients hand picked by us. We chop, grill, roast, and peel everything that goes into our sauces by hand! Our flavors are Jalapeno Garlic, Umami Bomb, Orange Ginger and Habanero Mustard. We would love for you to try out our sauces and show us what your favorite meal is to add some Oso Rojo to.

Umami Bomb: Umami is that rich, deep, meaty intensity that you get from certain foods. Think soy sauce, mushrooms, dried chiles. Umami comes from the Japanese word for delicious, umai, and that is exactly what this sauce is. Roasted veggies, dried chiles, dried mushrooms and tamari come together to create a depth of flavor in this bottle, similar to a mole sauce. Switch out Umami Bomb for any of your favorite BBQ or steak sauces for that extra kick! Pro tip: put a tablespoon at the bottom of your bowl before you pour your ramen in! Add a little honey for the perfect grilling glaze. Spice Level: Mild to Medium

Jalapeno Garlic: This sauce was inspired by Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex cuisine. Jalapeno Garlic has big, bold, smokey flavor with the spices of the southwest. Jalapenos, green chile and onion are grilled over oak and mesquite to bring out the best they have to offer. This sauce is perfect for a breakfast burrito or just some eggs and hash browns! Pro tip: mix in with smashed avocado, salt and lime for the ultimate chip dip! Start with a little and add more for extra spice. Your friends will thank you later. Spice Level: Medium.

Peach Phantom: Peach Phantom is our spiciest sauce yet! That doesn’t mean that we sacrificed flavor though. We blend the flavors of peaches, ghost peppers, basil and black pepper to give this sauce a real flavor punch! This sauce starts out with a nice fruity sweetness and after about 2-3 seconds the ghost peppers come in to say hello. Eggs, tamales, chicken wings, curry etc. This sauce goes great on pretty much anything! Add a bit to your meal if you want to spice things up. Pro tip: This sauce is perfect for that special someone in your life where nothing is ever hot enough. Spice Level: Extra Hot

Habanero Mustard: This is not your average mustard. There is a mustard tang and some habanero heat! We added habaneros, ginger, garlic and a few spices to bring your mustard game to the next level. If you like spice, add this sauce to anything you would normally use mustard with. Pro tip: Mix with equal parts ketchup and mayo for the ultimate fry/burger sauce! Goes great on grilled chicken and ribs, just add a little honey and you’ve got the ultimate spicy honey mustard. Spice Level: Hot

Orange Ginger: You’re getting the very first sauce we made and it is PACKED with FLAVOR! This sauce was made to elevate the ordinary hot sauce experience with help from the flavors of orange and ginger. These flavors add brightness and a little spice to elevate your hot sauce experience. Pro tip: Add this sauce to your next stir fry for that extra zing or slap it on some breakfast tacos! This sauce has some versatility Spice Level: Medium